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#febflashMom Egg Review and Half-Shell Press Present

February Flash Challenge


Join us this month for the February Flash Challenge #febflash, on Facebook and Twitter (@themomegg #febflash.

Participants set the goal of writing one piece of flash fiction (short-short work from 1-250 words) each day of the month. We want you to make it your own; if you prefer to write creative prose or prose poetry or slightly longer pieces (some definitions of flash fiction range to 500 or even 1000 words) that’s fine—anything that will get you generating work daily.

We will be featuring daily tips, optional writing prompts, advice, and encouragement established fiction authors and editors, to inspire and educate participants.

Participants, if they wish, may post observations, goals, and challenges on the Facebook group or on Twitter. You can also post shorter (up to 150 words, say) flash works themselves on Facebook, or 140-character ones on Twitter, with this caveat—even though this is a private group, some publishers would consider work that has been posted to have been published, so consider that before posting. Please note that hate, porn, ads, or promo may not be posted.

Here’s to a fruitful February of #febflash!

Ed.-Writing Prompts 5

Janet Hamill-Writing Prompt

Cynthia Kraman-Writing Prompt

Tsaurah Litzky–Writing Prompts

Ed.-Writing Prompt 4

Jean Hanff Korelitz–Writing Tip

Ed.-Writing Prompt 3

Rusty Barnes – Writing Prompt

Mindy Kronenberg – Tips and Prompt

Ed.- Writing Prompt 2

Matthew Sharpe- Writing Prompt

Ed.- Writing Prompt

Bunny Goodjohn– Writing Prompt

Ilana Masad– Writing Prompt 2

Jennifer Jean – Writing Prompt

Ilana Masad– Writing Prompt

Tara L. Masih- Writing Prompt

Victoria Redel- Writing Prompt 2

Victoria Redel- Writing Prompt

Susan Tepper-Writing Prompt

Rick Moody–Writing Prompt

Lore Segal- “The Writing Habit”

Tara L. Masih- “Time for a Flash Break



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