MER - Mom Egg Review

Silver by Edward Currelley

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I lay awake
Thoughts of times past
The sound of your footsteps pacing
The sanctuary of hot coffee
Silver of your hair glistening under a single kitchen bulb
Silver the age of restless
Awakened long before dawn
Silver doesn’t need much sleep
I ponder your thoughts, away in the unfamiliar
Surrounded by darkness, praying for sunshine
Fear of the un-known, confused, frustration
My wide eyed doe
In the middle of traffic, stumbling in the rain
Heart pounding
Seeking peace, comfort, freedom
Hoping, praying that the next set of head lights belong to the familiar
And comes to a screeching halt.


Edward D. Currelley is an author and artist. He was awarded honorable status by Writer’s Digest for Stage Playwriting in 2008. His children’s book I’m not lost, I’m with you and young adult novel That Krasbaum Kid will be published this year. His poems can be found in numerous anthologies and periodicals such as Eber & Wein’s Across the Way-Mountain (2014), Mom Egg Review, Volume # 13 (2015), Dove Tales-Nature (Writing for Peace International Journal) (2015) and Sling Magazine, Online Publication, Sling Magazine (2015). He is the president of Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc. and resides in New York City.


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