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A Aha Moment – Ms. Tillie Belle by Nella Larsen

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If only I could find my glasses I could read the morning paper. Now that I have found my spectacles I am unable to read the fine print. Last week, Dr. Evans said the eye drops for the glaucoma and cataracts would help but they have not. This condition is ravishing my body and good looks. I guess surgery will be eminent. If I do, who will care for me? Prepare my meals? Bathe me and accompany me to my appointments until I heal?

Getting old isn’t for sissies!

I sit at my vanity brushing my long luxurious hair that has now turned gray but it is still lovely none the less. I count the fine lines and wrinkles that are now a part of this honey nut bronze skin. No longer 40 and gorgeous but 72 and aging.

The men no longer “catcall” when I walk down the street. My posture is no longer erect but slightly bent forward. I have become a late in life woman.

I no longer engage in exercise, carnal pleasure, or anything that would be considered “fun”.

The children visit less frequently.

There is no magic pill or number that will reverse what was once a healthy lifestyle.

Nella Larsen was born and raised in Harlem, NYC, USA. She has lived in other boroughs and at present resides in the Bronx. She is a retired nurse who has devoted three decades caring for everyone from pediatrics to geriatrics, HIV+/AIDS, and Department of Criminal Justice. She has mentored CUNY students who were formerly incarcerated and are pursuing higher education. She is a mother of three sons who are productive members of society and grandmother of three. She received her formal education through the CUNY system for nursing and two Master’s degrees, Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Science in Legal Studies graduating Magna Cum Laude. She developed her love for writing in high school and has written poetry that has been published. Nella is a three time cancer survivor however, she has not allowed her challenges to hold her back. Although retired, she volunteers with many organizations and is an event planner.


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