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Refuge by Carol Brown

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Let me be the calm,
let this be the place,
let this be the center,
eye of the storm,
let it swirl all around
outside of here.

Here is the garden
maples, redbuds, and oak trees shade you
wrens, sparrows, and cardinals sing to you
scents of the blooming roses, basil, oregano,
the damp earth itself
fill your head
fill you with peace

Let me be the calm
Let this be the place

Right here


Carol Brown is living in Columbia, MO. She is the mother of two teenagers. She is also a writer, a fiber artist, and a seamstress. Like so many moms, her days can tend towards the hectic, but she always makes time for the poetry group. It is so much more than just a place to write, for which she is grateful. Without those women, the writing would not happen.


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