MER - Mom Egg Review

Transfer by Mary Ann McCarra

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transfer, held damply in her
hand, the snow melting
where her cap (nearly)
met her coat, her scarf
left where (behind), shed
like the skin of a snake,
useless as an escape tool,
however jauntily it was wrapped,
the pantone color the blue
of a Mediterranean summer
once seen in a postcard, the
demarcation of blue and
white wavering beneath her eyes

and her feet ache, now, in the
warmth of the bus, the slow
thawing an agony she distracts
herself from by repeating one
line, then the next, as
regular as the telephone
poles she passes, one, then
another, the marking points
of distance, as chatter
rises and falls the bus
creaks in protest, the
recirculation of exhaust, thick
and tarry, makes her

so many miles to go, on her way
to a new habitat


Mary Ann McCarraMaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick was born in the Bronx in 1967. Published in: MoonLit, OBSOLETE Magazine, Westchester Times Tribune, Make Room for Dada, Mount Vernon Today, Contemporary Literary Horizon, Mount Vernon Inquirer, Cavalier Literary Couture, Mount Vernon Independent. Publication forthcoming in: Thick With Conviction and Clapboard House. Anthologized in Blood Beats in Four Square Miles. Readings at: Centerfold Coffeehouse, ABC No Rio, The Back Fence, Blue Door Gallery, Manhattan College, AC-BAW Arts Center, Lola’s Tea House, Mount Vernon Public Library. She lives in Mount Vernon, NY with her husband and three sons. McCarra/Poetry http://mccarra–


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