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Mother Speaks by Lisa Jane Lipkin

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There are Mothers of Invention, Motherlodes, Holy Mothers, Mother #%*!-ers & Mother tongues. We give birth to a child, a book, a business venture or a song. We are born, reborn & born again. While the umbilical cord that connected us to our mothers may be recalled only by the depression in the middle of our bellies, the unseen cords to “Mother’s Energy” seem unbreakable, uncut-able, and pulse content-rich for an entire lifetime. Just ask anyone with even a modicum of experience in psychotherapy or perhaps a knowledge of literature. It would stand to reason then that one’s relationship (actual or energetic) with “Mother” is very important.

A dazzling glimpse of the obvious? Possibly, until one applies this information to the mother of all mothers – Mother Earth. Wince, ouch, grimace! The collective groan of “Oh no, not an article about THAT” can be heard whipping through the blogosphere like a bracing wind. But heed this, Earth children: we are inextricably linked with this mother and it ain’t no joke.

Where science seems to fall short of convincing massive amounts of people to take much greater care of their Mother Ship, common sense might handle the job quite well. It’s been a very, very long time indeed since we’ve known for certain that the earth is finite, that species can be hunted and fished into extinction, that ecosystems are delicate and that one thread pulled-out could trigger collapse, that technology can sometimes cause catastrophic devastation (like Chernobyl or the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico) and that true change will only come when each of us changes the actions we take every day.

If we care about our children we must care for our mother. We must care for our mother by teaching our children how to live with respect for the very source of life. It is well known that we teach by example. Certainly, no one person can fix dead zones in the oceans, clean up poisoned water ways or stop global climate change in its tracks, but what one person can do – and must do – is take every action within his or her reach, and take it now.

Mother’s to-do list:

Become Educated: Don’t turn away from the news or think environmentalists are bleeding-heart-whatevers spinning a pitiful yarn. Read from a variety of credible sources to extract truth from fiction. Beg, borrow or steal the book: “Squeaky Green” by Eric Ryan & Adam Lowry. (No, they’re not my kids.)

Use Common Sense: It doesn’t take a genius to realize that dumping toxins into water or air or into the soil isn’t good. It just isn’t. Don’t believe public relations campaigns that whitewash corporate pollution or support unhealthy environmental practices. The need to develop and rely on sustainable, non-polluting energy sources is only logical. No matter how cleverly they spin it, un-recycled plastic isn’t green. That’s just common sense.

Do Something Small: Right now. Look around your room. Turn off unnecessary lights, unplug chargers that aren’t in use, unplug appliances not in use. They drain power even when idle. Have central air? Is it on even though the weather has turned cooler? Turn it off. Bring sturdy reusable bags to the supermarket every time you shop. Start a compost pile. The list of little action steps is endless and each one adds up. Imagine 1 million people right now turning off 3 lights. At 60 watts each, that’s 180 million watts we might need later.

Do Something Big: On any given day there are scores of concerts, walks, bike-athons etc. in the war against cancer. But where are the walks, talks, benefits and bake-sales raising awareness and money to fight the cause of many cancers? Polluted air, food & water is a prime villain, but who is actually waging war against it? Hold a concert, spearhead an organization, create a Facebook page. All big changes start with one motivated person.

Wield Your Power: Your greatest power lies in your wallet. Every time you buy something it’s a vote for more of that thing. The opposite is also true. If you don’t buy it, eventually they’ll stop making it. You will impact the future, save money and improve your health by buying raw food items you cook yourself rather than prepared and excessively packaged “convenience” food. Buy in bulk as often as possible, which reduces packaging and costs less, too. Buy as much organic food as you can afford, frequent farmers’ markets, donate to environmental organizations and buy from companies that support sustainable practices. Check out

If you are still with me at this point, you are to be praised. And you offer hope to a world on a scary precipice. Think it’s not cool to care about the environment? Think again….long and hard. Then, lift a hand to help your Mother!

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Lisa Jane Lipkin is a singer-songwriter, mom & environmental spin doctor living in Millwood, NY
with her husband, 2 children, 3 visiting step-children, 1 dog, 4 cats, and a yard full of flowers.
Lisa Jane Lipkin
(914) 941-0468


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