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Announcing Mom Egg Review Vol. 19!

In an extraordinary year, extraordinary voices on mothers, mothering, and motherhood. Mom Egg Review Vol. 19 Order the Print Journal Order a PDF Copy Marjorie Tesser, Editor in Chief Jennifer Martelli and Cindy Veach, Poetry Editors Contributors

Book Reviews

The Falls by Emily Mohn-Slate

Review by Cammy Thomas If I remember correctly, there’s a moment in the movie Zorba the Greek when the callow English youth asks Zorba, the wise old Greek, whether he’s married. Zorba, with some humor, says he’s a man…


Megan Sound – Bright, Shining Light

Megan Sound Bright, Shining Light I imagine some day I will tell my daughter about how, when she occupied my womb, I ate foods I believed would make her strong. I will tell her it must have worked…

Book Reviews

Expecting Sunshine by Alexis Marie Chute

Review by Eve F.W. Linn Alexis Marie Chute’s memoir, Expecting Sunshine: A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss, documents with intimate detail and incident her recovery after the loss of a child.…

Book Reviews

Tasty Other by Katie Manning

  Review by Anne Britting Oleson “For in that sleep…what dreams may come,” said Hamlet. He was speaking of death, but in Katie Manning’s new collection, Tasty Other, many of the poems stem from the way the hopes, fears, and…

Book Reviews

The Baby Book by Robin Silbergleid

Review by Carol Dorf When I had a “missed abortion” after two years of fertility treatments, a colleague (who was a daughter of the chief rabbi of Morocco, so given authority on these matters) told me she had a dream…

Authors' Notes

Kelly Magee and Carol Guess on With Animal

 – WITH ANIMAL is a collaborative book of short stories, written by Kelly Magee and Carol Guess, that imagines the implications of humans who become pregnant with animals. Pregnancy and childbirth are times when surreal and sometimes unexplainable things really…