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MER Award Nominees

It’s very difficult to select pieces to be nominated for awards–we love all the work we publish! Here are our recent award nominations. Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

Nurturing Through a Pandemic

J.P. Howard – Poetry

 J.P. Howard Tanka for my Son During a Pandemic Our teen wants to stay safe inside our home each day We shelter him in Our home, the safest space now We Mamas don’t push, just love Haibun…


Interview with Keisha-Gaye Anderson

Interview, Poetry and Artwork featuring Keisha-Gaye Anderson Folio curated by JP Howard for Mom Egg Review VOX Online JP –  Congratulations on your new books! I know that Everything is Necessary has just been published by Willow Books and…

Online Quarterly

MER VOX Quarterly – Summer 2018

MER VOX Quarterly – Summer 2018 On Mothering Grown Children – A fiction, poetry, and prose folio curated by Peg Alford Pursell Featured writers: Maria Benet Jacqueline Doyle Rebecca Foust Linda Michel-Cassidy Stephanie Noble Daye Phillippo Dorothy Rice Angela Narciso…

Challenging the Traditional Motherhood Poem

JP Howard  

JP Howard Night stand Mama buried herself in liquor Love kept her locked in that room Secrets are like insides of coffins We hide everything in plain view Everybody knew Mama had a secret lover, Tucked under her night…