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#febflash Prompts

Ilana Masad – Writing Prompt 2

“A prompt I was given once that spawned one of the most intense stories I’ve ever written is one where you limit a story to exactly 200 words, but you’re only allowed to use 50 different words within those 200.…

#febflash Prompts

Ilana Masad – Writing Prompt

“Mash Stories, has a good system, where they take three words, and then require the participants of each contest to use those three words, exactly as they are, in a story that is 500 words or fewer (and in…

#febflash Prompts


Mom Egg Review and Half-Shell Press Present February Flash Challenge #febflash Join us this month for the February Flash Challenge #febflash, on Facebook and Twitter (@themomegg #febflash. Participants set the goal of writing one piece of flash fiction…