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Kathleen Aguero – Body Image

Kathleen Aguero SELF-PORTRAIT AS A GERANIUM Here’s all I’ve got: one showy cluster of red blossoms, fancy hat on a scrawny neck rising above bare stems and gently ruffled leaves with their dark inner border, peach fuzz. Leggy, untrimmed, I’m…


Tsaurah Litzky – The Picture Is The Poem 2

Tsaurah Litzky Artist’s Statement I started making collages six years ago after I suffered a back injury that prevented me from going out at night and having fun. I am a poet and writer and found myself spending my…

Back Issues Mom Egg Review "Change" Vol. 14

Mom Egg Review 14

Mom Egg Review Vol. 14 “Change” – Welcome to Mom Egg Review Vol. 14! This issue explores “Change.” Change can be a lightning bolt, a bud’s unfurling, or the inexorable melt of ice caps. A body swells with pregnancy, bends…