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Elaine Terranova – Tantrum

Elaine Terranova Tantrum Things are very hard in the world of a three-year-old.  So much you are born not understanding. You can play in the street but only until supper. You get a spanking for the interesting white…

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Perdido by Elaine Terranova

Perdido by Elaine Terranova Review by Judy Swann Perdido, the word itself, is so many things: the title of this book, the title of a poem in this book, a sprightly jazz standard about squandered love, the Spanish adjective for…

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Aileron by Geraldine Connolly

Review by Elaine Terranova “Little wing or fin,” says the headnote defining aileron, the hinged part of the wing in a fixed wing aircraft. The title poem serves as a preface. It explores means of transport, beginning with this…