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Back Issues Mom Egg Review "Change" Vol. 14

Mom Egg Review 14

Mom Egg Review Vol. 14 “Change” – Welcome to Mom Egg Review Vol. 14! This issue explores “Change.” Change can be a lightning bolt, a bud’s unfurling, or the inexorable melt of ice caps. A body swells with pregnancy, bends…

Kristin Prevallet - Change

On Neptune Memorial Reef by Betsy Andrews

Betsy Andrews On Neptune Memorial Reef Don’t laugh at me, I told that guy, advance of the morning neoprene stuffing, the South Beach merchandise vertigo—explosives and spear guns, holsters and knives— eddying against the incoming tide. I mean: time,…

Kristin Prevallet - Change

Kimono by Billie Chernicoff

Billie Chernicoff Kimono 1. Refusal, acquiescence, travel. 10,000 hours to master the brush. 10,000 to master silence. A study of a sparrow, study of a moth. The sleeve, the arm. An hour to dress. 2. Ode to the nape…

Kristin Prevallet - Change

Miraculous Fishes by Betsy Fagin

Betsy Fagin miraculous fishes surviving body feast days bosom ceiling already-formed tenderness the marvelously luminous genderfish fills their nets with the bell cure of souls not cranes of vigilance or safe-keeping, only ravens of heresy want knowns combust and survive…

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