Poems Curated by Monica A. Hand
Autumn Renga

Autumn Renga R. Erica Doyle,  Monica A. Hand,  Yona Harvey,  Cherise A. Pollard,  Kate Rushin Searched for shooting stars found silence in The Milky Way harvest home. (Kate) Blue moon is not blue it’s white just like all the…

Splitting the Milk by Shin Yu Pai

Sunday morning before my son stirs, I divide the milk for banking bag seven ounces for the ice box put aside a shot glass full for an offering * in one temple’s ritual re-enactment milk is flushed down a drain…

New Child by Marjorie Maddox

Second-one, smaller than the pea beneath the princess, you toss-and-turn me, my sleep lost in the branches of your mustard-seed-tree just sprouting around the trunks of my aorta. There are so many places to spread your leafy-you inside this insomnious…