Kristin Prevallet - Change
Miraculous Fishes by Betsy Fagin

Betsy Fagin miraculous fishes surviving body feast days bosom ceiling already-formed tenderness the marvelously luminous genderfish fills their nets with the bell cure of souls not cranes of vigilance or safe-keeping, only ravens of heresy want knowns combust and survive…

Kristin Prevallet - Change
Kintsugi by Carol Mirakov

Carol Mirakov kintsugi invisible irrelevant women having aged paralyzing animation of living & having lived ecstatic elastic disasters of time the perennial fuckable virgin apparition unlike animals we wince collapse bearing the seams of interconnectedness we should not be able…

Sharon Dolin - Love and Identity
Happy Birthday by Linda Umans

Drunk and depressed twenty-five or so, waiting at bus stop, Cyclone behind me. Wanted to turn and ride but too self-conscious, even drunk. A pity.                    I loved this brain-rattling roller coaster this gravity train the slams and turns and…

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