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The Way We Worked by Jamie Wagman

The Way We Worked, In Three Acts by Jamie Wagman I. Long Ago My grandmother worked in kitchens, professional and home, pouring coffee and working a register, working from recipes and working from memory. Her hands were smooth velvet,…

Threads of Connection by Nancy Gerber

Threads of Connection by Nancy Gerber My grandmother was an artist with needle and thread. By the time I was born, she had retired as a seamstress who took in sewing to help my grandfather, a tailor, make ends…

An Excerpt from “Brainwalk” by May Joseph

Brainwalk by May Joseph On October 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy enveloped downtown Manhattan in a total blackout. The terrifying reality of living on the top floor of a tall skyscraper without electricity, a generator or emergency lights hit home. My…

So Bored by Maria Jerinic

By now, it’s a familiar lament.  Usually it hits mid-semester, when the honeymoon period is over and the work has really piled up.  I ask them how they’re doing, and in response they cover their faces with their hands and…

Write to Heal by Nicole Rollender

When I finally sit down to write poetry at 9 p.m. in my “office” – which is my laptop sitting on my long wooden dining room table – I usually hear a drama-filled voice start calling, “Mama, mama, come quick!…

Going Out Of Town by Sarah M. Wells

Dear Kindergarten Teacher, I am going out of town this week. My husband and Henry are coming with me because Henry is still nursing and can’t be away from me for more than twelve hours or else my milk will…

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