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It's Complicated
Eve Packer – Poetry

dark angel (from calvary) by eve packer all you’ll ever be is a one-nite stand says my mother, at the holiday party i am throwing, in front of my ex- husband, son, & a friend-friend, i take the Courvoisier…

It's Complicated
Marjorie Maddox – Poetry

Daughter by Marjorie Maddox Always, I have grieved this day. Gone and not-gone. Your silence, thick, betrays. Always I have grieved this day. Ghost that turns your face. Promise a song forgone. Always I have grieved this day. Gone…

It's Complicated
Erica Hoffmeister – Creative Prose

Aversion by Erica Hoffmeister There is (a rather common, I’m told) condition similar to postpartum depression, similar to PTSD, aptly named nursing aversion—aversion, the rejection of—in which a physical and mental emotional sensation overtakes your woman-body, your mother-body, like…

It's Complicated
Patrice Boyer Claeys – Poetry

Gifts by Patrice Boyer Claeys From Mother: a crystal bowl—sleek sides tapering to weighted base lead-heavy, incised, its clean design bright on the counter. For condiments, she said. Her aim was to emboss time, add pleasure to both guest…

Keisha Molby-Baez Poetry

Keisha Molby-Baez Seeds Planted My birth name Keisha My heavenly name Child of God My family names daughter, sister, niece, aunt My union name wife My universal name friend My poet name Coco The best name of all, Mother…

Julia Lisella Poetry

Julia Lisella Charlotte’s Zinnias Each pop of brazen orange or hot pink quivers as Charlotte’s legs cross over her hand-made fence her basket following in the mess of multicolored swiss chard and flowering basil. I head the tops…

Radhiyah Ayobami Creative Prose

Radhiyah Ayobami how maybelle survived new york who needed the north / when there was the smell of gardenias at night
as she slept between two big sisters in a hollow / of skin & smell
so when girls at…

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