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Motherhood and Guilt
Megan Leonard – Poetry

Megan Leonard POEM WRITTEN WHILE I WAIT IN THE COLD ROOM AFTER THE NURSES HAVE GONE OUT BUT BEFORE THE DOCTOR COMES IN Megan Leonard’s poetry can be found most recently in Sharkpack Annual, Transom, and Reservoir. Her digital…

Motherhood and Guilt
Jules Jacob – Poetry

Jules Jacob Broken Sonnet for Relapsing Daughters this song was yours clean      without loss or metaphors yet comfort’s counterpart is pain is what I can’t spare us, is what quits speaking and walking, sinking to the carpet…

Keisha-Gaye Anderson – Poetry and Art

Poetry by Keisha-Gaye Anderson from Everything is Necessary Everything is Necessary every thing is necessary, required to be is just is how you see is up to you are you pink and green caladium, a field of hearts in bloom,…

Mother's Day 2019
Laura Foley – Poetry

 Laura Foley Camden, Maine The winter loons find harbor here, as do I, my child’s child walking slowly with me down the street, her tiny hand like an anchor in mine. She bids hello to water, to sunlight on…

Martha McCollough – Poetry

Martha McCollough On Mother’s Blue Hat High out of reach / netted lacquer cherries tremble and shine /  inviting the bees, her perfect children / not us so waspish and barking / busy with accident — thinking the pearls…

Sarah Sousa – Poetry

Sarah Sousa Hex Mother conceives the sun in the dark hours before morning, grows large, and births the sun at dawn. The promise of the sun, at least, she keeps. The sun is steadfast, we say, crediting it not Mother,…

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