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Writing the Narrative Poem by Heather Archibald

Begin with a free-writing exercise of the plot of the narrative. After reading what you have written. Circle or highlight the areas of the story that you think are poignant. Next, create short haiku-like verses for each of the areas…

#febflash Prompts
Janet Hamill – Synesthesia Writing Prompt

Janet Hamill – Synesthesia Surrealist poet and fiction writer Janet Hamill has adapted her poetry prompt for us. SYNAESTHESIA:  THE SENSES AND THE ART OF IMAGERY Synesthesia – From the Greek, “perceive together.”  The intermingling of sensations; sensing for…

#febflash Prompts
Cynthia Kraman – Writing Prompt

Cynthia Kraman Cynthia Kraman, author of The Touch, Club 82 and others, suggested we try an “Exquisite Corpse,” or group story. The first line of the story is, “It’s 3 AM.” Add your line, then ask friends for subsequent lines.  Or…

#febflash Prompts
Tsaurah Litzky – Writing Prompt

Tsaurah Litzky 1. Make an abstraction come to life by rendering it in specific details.i.e. for Old Age “Jenny was frightened that it was getting harder and harder for her to make it across the street before the light started…

#febflash Prompts
Editor’s Writing Prompt 4

1. Since February is the month for love, write a story about a crush, requited or un-. Title your story with a word or phrase you’d find on a traffic sign. 2. Double soy grande caramel macchiato, cup of Joe,…

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