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Sarah Dixon – Mother Bunting

Sarah Dixon, born in London and raised in Cyprus and the Middle East, is a socially-engaged conceptual artist using a wide range of platforms and media. Her work explores participatory art making and ideas around how the ‘human social organism’…

Online Quarterly
MER VOX Quarterly – Winter 2016

December 2016 – WINTER In This Issue POETRY: Identity – A Folio Curated by Jennifer Martelli and Cindy Veach GALLERY: Megan Wynne – Art Curated by Ana Silva CRAFT: Poetry as a Reflection of Self on the Page Curated by…

Crowd of Sorrows by Nahid Rachlin

Review by Bunny Goodjohn  – “‘As the air grew darker a sudden sense of doom crept into the conversation, all the danger surrounding the children….Yes, danger traps were everywhere” (11). CROWD OF SORROWS, the latest work of fiction from Nahid…

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