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Efflorescence by Dawn Marar

Review by Katrinka Moore In Efflorescence, Dawn Marar navigates borders — between America and the Middle East, between family and political life, between art and nature — and even crosses a border of language, inserting Arabic words among the…

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DiVida by Monica A. Hand

Review by Christine Stewart-Nuñez Before I opened Monica A. Hand’s DiVida to review it, I felt a particular responsibility; Alice James Books published this collection posthumously. Poets work hard to promote their work, and in this regard, DiVida seemed…

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Suspension by Paige Riehl

Review by Judy Swann With its polyvalent title, Paige Riehl’s Suspension is the perfect hierophant for an exploration of the bridges between the self and the world. Many of the poems are about an international adoption, itself an image of…

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Course by Athena Kildegaard

Review by Lisa M. Hase-Jackson The poetry of Athena Kildegaard’s fifth book, Course, ranges from sparse to ample, vivid to subtle, and somber to lightly humorous. Leaning heavily toward the narrative, the collection’s apparent aim, to lead the reader…

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Riot Days by Maria Alyokhina

Review by Ros Howell   “They are used to us being afraid of them. Don’t be afraid” (45). Maria Alyokhina was one of three members of the Russian feminist protest punk-rock collective Pussy Riot who were arrested in 2012…

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Dirt and Honey by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Review by Deborah Hauser Dirt and Honey, Raquel Vasquez Gilliland’s debut poetry collection, is a celebration of women as agents of creation in Mexican culture that challenges the patriarchy and assert the power of women to conceive, create, and run…

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