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Blackbird by Laura Grace Weldon

Reviewed by Michelle Wilbert While reading Laura Grace Weldon’s latest collection of poetry, Blackbird, I found myself anchored to continuity of time, family, place, and human experience woven into pieces glowing with vivid, knowable imagery of the quotidian mysteries that…

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Rewilding by January Gill O’Neil

Reviewed by Christine Salvatore We know memory is a passport that never expires. —from “The Hurting Time” What if the day before your wedding the world imploded? What if years later, that marriage unraveled on an ordinary day? Such dichotomies…

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Visits and Other Passages by Carol Smallwood

Reviewed by Barbara Ellen Sorensen Visits and Other Passages by Carol Smallwood is a collection of poems, short essays, observations and vignettes that take the reader on an intellectual, yet deeply personal odyssey. A reader of this volume quickly realizes…

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50/50 by Julianne Palumbo

Reviewed by Sarah W. Bartlett Founder of Mothers Always Write, an online literary magazine about motherhood, Julianne Palumbo is no stranger to its emotional territory. A prolific poet, essayist, writing coach and mother, she clearly hits her stride when writing…

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Throwback Thursdays by Margie Shaheed

Throwback Thursdays by Margie Shaheed Review by Mindy Kronenberg There is something particularly poignant and wistful about reading a posthumous collection of poetry, and, in some cases, a bit startling when reviewing it. Margie Shaheed’s personal and evocative vignettes of…

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Perdido by Elaine Terranova

Perdido by Elaine Terranova Review by Judy Swann Perdido, the word itself, is so many things: the title of this book, the title of a poem in this book, a sprightly jazz standard about squandered love, the Spanish adjective for…

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