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Flint & Fire by Lisa Hase-Jackson

Review by Barbara Lawhorn Dedicated to her mother, who passed away nearly a year earlier, and organized in four sections, Lisa Hase-Jackson’s Flint and Fire is a journey of seeking, actively becoming, leaving, returning to, and fashioning anew a…

Book Reviews
Kairos by Libby Maxey

Review by Carole Mertz It’s a welcome experience to discover so fine a collection of contemporary poetry written entirely in sonnet form. Kairos is a remarkable volume whose voice also reflects the training and inclinations of a classical musician.…

Book Reviews
The Book of Sarah by Sarah Lightman

Review by Marjorie Tesser Raised in an observant Jewish household, Sarah Lightman realized that her biblical namesake, matriarch of her people, did not have a book of the bible named for her. In recognition and remedy, Lightman has named…

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