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A Stone to Carry Home by Andrea Potos

Review by Libby Maxey A Stone to Carry Home, Andrea Potos’s seventh poetry collection, is the perfect read for mothers seeing children off to college this fall. Although the airy, Mediterranean cover photo might suggest that these poems will…

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We Became Summer by Amy Barone

Review by Sarah W. Bartlett We Became Summer reads like a coming-of-age memoir of a young woman finding herself through time, travel, loss and reflection. This is Barone’s first full-length poetry collection since having two chapbooks published, Kamikaze Dance…

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Aileron by Geraldine Connolly

Review by Elaine Terranova “Little wing or fin,” says the headnote defining aileron, the hinged part of the wing in a fixed wing aircraft. The title poem serves as a preface. It explores means of transport, beginning with this…

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Swap / Meet by Susan Rukeyser

Review by Anna Schoenbach   Swap/Meet is a series of nine short flash fictions in the style of a classified ad or online notice of sale that reveal the intricate stories behind mundane, everyday items. Susan Rukeyser, author of Not…

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A Matter of Selection by Carol Smallwood

Review by Michelle Everett Wilbert Carol Smallwood’s latest volume of poetry, A Matter of Selection, brings into sharp focus her vivid interest in both the natural world and probing observations of the daily—the quotidian mysteries present in any given life…

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The Tornado is the World by Catherine Pierce

Mother Meets World in The Tornado is the World Review by Jennifer Key Catherine Pierce’s newest book The Tornado is the World (Saturnalia Books, 2016) follows her two previous collections The Girls of Peculiar (Saturnalia 2012) and Famous Last Words (Saturnalia 2008),…

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