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Taking Care of Time by Cortney Davis

Review by Anna Limontas-Salisbury When nurses around the world began to make urgent pleas for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the fight against Covid-19, it was as though no one knew that nursing could be dangerous. Why become a…

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Some Glad Morning by Barbara Crooker

Review by Julia Lisella   Some Glad Morning is Barbara Crooker’s ninth collection of poems. Since her debut collection, Radiance, which won the 2005 Word Press First Book Award, Crooker’s work has insisted on the lyrical promise of the everyday…

Book Reviews
Rue: Poems by Katherine Nuernberger

Review by Christine Salvatore Reading a poem from Katherine Nuernberger’s new collection is like listening to a friend tell a fascinating story, taking few breaths while she lets one inevitable detail bleed into the next; to hang on, lean…

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Hitchcock Blonde by Sharon Dolin

Hitchcock Blonde: A Cinematic Memoir by Sharon Dolin Review by Kelly Bargabos Reading Sharon Dolin’s memoir, Hitchcock Blonde, is like sitting in a theater next to the author as she watches a movie reel of her own life, and…

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Keep This to Yourself by Kerrin McCadden

Review by Carla Panciera By the time Kerrin McCadden’s brother dies of an overdose, she has already rehearsed his death: “There he goes again,” she writes in Keep This to Yourself, a searing collection that examines both the profound…

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Prime Meridian by Connie Post

Review by Barbara Ellen Sorensen In Connie Post’s Prime Meridian, I lost count of how many times she used the words “falling” and “broken.” In the poet’s world everything is tenuous. Everything is breaking or about to break, is…

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