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Linea Nigra by Jazmina Barrera

Linea Nigra: An Essay on Pregnancy & Earthquakes by Jazmina Barrera, Translated by Christina MacSweeney Review by Kimberly Lee As is custom, Jazmina Barrera’s latest work begins with a dedication: “To whom it concerns (Silvestre, Alejandro, and Tere) and to…

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XO by Sara Rauch

Review by Lara Lillibridge XO is an autobiographical essay spanning 157 pages, divided into chapters. It is Rauch’s second book. Her first, What Shines from It, published by Alternating Current Press, won the Electric Book Award. Rauch holds an…

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Pelted by Flowers by Kali Lightfoot

Review by Carla Panciera In her debut collection, Pelted by Flowers, Kali Lightfoot writes, “It took years to learn the language of myself.” She takes her readers along on her journey of discovery. Lightfoot is a master of juxtaposition. Even…

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Tanto Tanto by Marina Carreira

Review by Christine Salvatore What washed over me as I read Marina Carreira’s new book of poetry, Tanto Tanto, can only be described as raw emotion.  The title means “so much, so much” in Portuguese, and it is a…

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Sweetbitter by Stacey Balkun

Review by Ana C.H. Silva From the very title of her latest full-length poetry collection, Sweetbitter (Sundress 2021), we understand that Stacey Balkun will purposefully use the power of syntax to open up stories. Her subject matter is, in part,…

Book Reviews
The Predatory Animal Ball by Jennifer Fliss

Review by DeMisty D. Bellinger With whimsy, wit, and often uncomfortable situations, Jennifer Fliss shares an engrossing collection of domestic flash stories in The Predatory Animal Ball. With forty stories in only 176 pages, you’d assume you’ll get overwhelmed…

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