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Les Fauves by Barbara Crooker

Review by Barbara Ellen Sorensen In Les Fauves, Barbara Crooker gracefully achieves the daunting task of creating ekphrastic poetry that transcends the purely visual. Compact explorations of meditative beauty, the poems highlight Crooker’s remarkable craftsmanship and skill. She is adept…

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Kinship of Clover by Ellen Meeropol

Review by Ros Howell Ellen Meeropol’s third novel, Kinship of Clover, explores difference, interconnectedness and the potential for new life to grow in the ashes of tragic loss. Her characters are linked together like winding tendrils leading back to…

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Ordinary Magic by Alison Stone

Review by Marcene Gandolfo Many people associate the Tarot with fortune-telling and supernatural experience, but this is a somewhat limited perspective. Most historians believe that the Tarot first manifested as game-playing cards. Others view…

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Kafka’s Shadow by Judith Skillman

Review by Issa M. Lewis Peonies are relatively fragile flowers, both to grow and to maintain in cut flower arrangements. They require the right balance of light and water to thrive, and have difficulty growing in close proximity…

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