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A Constellation of Kisses, Diane Lockward, Ed.

Review by Mindy Kronenberg Ah, the kiss, a gesture so ingrained in our cultural imagination in so many guises. We have Rodin’s immortalized smooch elegantly rendered in marble; Klimt’s glittering, embracing couple; Romeo and Juliet’s tragic buss; fabled frogs turned…

Book Reviews
Bone Road by Geraldine Mills

Review by Lisa C. Taylor Geraldine Mills is a poet and fiction writer with five collections of poetry, three short story collections, and a children’s novel, Gold. Her numerous awards include the RTÉ Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story Competition, the…

Book Reviews
Latch by Jen Stewart Fueston

Review by Tasslyn Magnusson I have a special place in my heart for “definition poems.” It’s what I call poems that take the idea to lay out the meaning of a word and repurpose that definition for their poem and…

Book Reviews
Defining by Tasslyn Magnussun

Review by Sherre Vernon Tasslyn Magnusson’s chapbook Defining opens with “dreams of obliteration” (1) and closes with the short declarative sentence, “I speak” (22). Defining does not offer itself as a typical poetry collection. Framed by four lyric micro-poems, two…

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Blackbird Blues by Jean K. Carney

Review by Ellen Meeropol Although she dreams of being a jazz singer, entering the convent feels like a way for eighteen-year-old Mary Kaye O’Donnell to escape her dysfunctional family. That is, until she learns that she’s pregnant. The one person…

Book Reviews
Model Home by Eve F. W. Linn

Review by Laura Dennis The title of Eve F.W. Linn’s chapbook, Model Home, along with the dollhouse-like furniture on its cover, evokes coldness, mass production, lack of individuality. Then one looks at the cover again. Do the chairs and…

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