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Arrival by Cheryl Boyce-Taylor

Review by Anton Nimblett What She Name? If your life were a poem, what form would it take? Which of us could claim the delicate and even couplet? Who the villanelle and who the quadrille? Would your life be…

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Tongue Shakers, Margie Shaheed Ed.

Review by Lisa C. Taylor TONGUE SHAKERS: Interviews and Narratives on Speaking Mother Tongue in a Multicultural Society, Margie Shaheed, Ed. This collection of interviews explores the obstacles and triumphs faced by immigrants as they learn English and begin to…

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Clothesline Religion by Megan Buchanan

Review by Deborah Hauser Clothesline Religion, Megan Buchanan’s debut collection, is a paean to motherhood, domesticity, and transcendence. The poems flow freely without constraint, sections, or epigraphs. As explained in the “Author’s Note” (which I urge you to read), after…

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Strange Beauty by Eliza Factor

Review by Michelle Everett Wilbert I was 41 years old, a midwife and the mother of three children when our youngest daughter was born with spina bifida; a spinal defect of the earliest weeks of fetal development wherein the spinal…

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Bettering American Poetry 2015: An Anthology

Bettering American Poetry 2015: An Anthology Eds Allen, Kim, King, Koo, Martinez, Ramirez, Sama, Villarreal & Wallschläger Reviewed by Carole Mertz The Bettering American Poetry 2015 project grew out of discontent. A group of editors were disgruntled by the…

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World Enough and Time by Mary Makofske

Review by Mindy Kronenberg In World Enough and Time, Mary Makofske finds inspiration in the persistent observation of human engagement. Whether in an overheard conversation or the witnessed pantomime of curious children, we learn to fill life’s cautionary path…

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