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The Book of Sarah by Sarah Lightman

Review by Marjorie Tesser Raised in an observant Jewish household, Sarah Lightman realized that her biblical namesake, matriarch of her people, did not have a book of the bible named for her. In recognition and remedy, Lightman has named…

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The Body At A Loss by Cati Porter

Review by Mindy Kronenberg There is a considerable and influential archive of women’s writing detailing with journeys of terminal illness, as evidenced in the raw and honest work of poets Audre Lorde, Carol Snyder Halberstadt, and Kate Fox, whose…

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Mothershell by Andrea Potos

Review by Julia Lisella This ninth collection of poetry by Andrea Potos begins, appropriately, with breakfast, perhaps the most mundane meal of the day, but also the most celebratory for its steady rituals. So, too, the poet’s relationship…

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Sweet World by Maureen Seaton

Review by Lisa Hase-Jackson Sweet World by Maureen Seaton illustrates the absurd and often contradictory aspects of mortality through irreverent humor and wry observation. Her poems speak frankly of the physical manifestation of disease and considers closely the many mixed…

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