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Ordinary Magic by Alison Stone

Review by Marcene Gandolfo Many people associate the Tarot with fortune-telling and supernatural experience, but this is a somewhat limited perspective. Most historians believe that the Tarot first manifested as game-playing cards. Others view…

Book Reviews
Kafka’s Shadow by Judith Skillman

Review by Issa M. Lewis Peonies are relatively fragile flowers, both to grow and to maintain in cut flower arrangements. They require the right balance of light and water to thrive, and have difficulty growing in close proximity…

Book Reviews
Ventriloquy by Athena Kildegaard

Review by Judith Swann In the the past 400 years, ventriloquism has outgrown its association with demons in the belly and has come to be associated with funfairs, vaudeville, Shari Lewis, Paul Winchell, the Letterman show (after Willie Tyler was…

Book Reviews
Objects in Vases by Alina Stefanescu

Review by Mindy Kronenberg Objects in Vases reminds us how startling realizations can be summoned from our observed and disseminated domestic lives, narratives of both the trapped and treasured truths of ourselves. These revelations of family, romance, and selfhood come…

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