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Tender Cuts by Jayne Martin

Review by Emily Webber Even the luckiest people do not manage to get through life unscathed, and yet there are always moments of beauty and grace. The 38 small stories in Jayne Martin’s collection, Tender Cuts, reminds us of…

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Audubon’s Sparrow by Juditha Dowd

Review by Carole Mertz Dowd’s literary Audubon’s Sparrow: A Biography-in-Poems is as delightful and colorful as the famous avian sketches of the renowned bird watcher. The poet records the lives of Lucy and John James via facts and imaginings, told mainly…

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Horizon of the Dog Woman by Rebecca Pelky

Review by Barbara Ellen Sorensen The past, present and future are melded tightly in Rebecca Pelky’s debut book of poetry, Horizon of the Dog Woman. These poems sing of a traditional Native American philosophy of life. This philosophy encompasses…

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Save Our Ship by Barbara Ungar

Review by Cammy Thomas It took a moment to figure out that in Barbara Ungar’s new book, Save Our Ship, the little dots and dashes in the alphabetical Table of Contents were letters in Morse Code, having to do…

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Ghost Dogs by Dion O’Reilly

Review by Claire Keyes Ghost Dogs is fierce, funny, horrible and yet beautiful in the way O’Reilly’s language transforms the details of a gritty life into striking lyric poems. It’s the tale of a mature woman (one of her…

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Celibate by Maria Giura

Review by Emily Webber Maria Giura’s memoir, Celibate, focuses on her decade-long relationship with a Catholic priest and her journey to find her true vocation in life. As a lifelong Catholic myself, one who has wrestled with my faith…

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