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M.A.M.A. Issue 42 – Afrooist and Wendy Carolina Franco

Procreate Project, the Museum of Motherhood and the Mom Egg Review are pleased to announce the 42nd edition of this scholarly discourse intersects with the artistic to explore the wonder and the challenges of motherhood. Using words and art to connect new pathways between the academic, the para-academic, the…

M.A.M.A. Issue 36: Csilla Klenyánszki

house ———— hold “House/hold” is part of a research project on women’s position in the western society. It examines the evolution of gender equality in various subjects.“House/ hold” investigates the housework gap and its consequences while it provides an…

M.A.M.A. Issue 23: Jane Glennie and Sarah Ghoshal

Jane Glennie and Sarah Ghoshal Art by Jane Glennie Container//contained 2012-2014 In psychoanalysis the container-contained notion, as introduced by Wilfred Bion, holds a neutral position, without judgement, that can be used as an approach to the analysis process. Reading texts through this…