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Reinvention by Fay Chiang

From The Mom Egg Vol. 12 – 2014 Fay Chiang REINVENTION The fall comes The daughter leaves for Spain with her partner to teach English and then travel North Africa and the Mediterranean— happy and healthy and young my heart…

MER 12 – A Show of Hands by Hester Jones

Hester Jones – A Show of Hands Hester Jones is a British Artist based in London UK. Her work is an ongoing investigation into culturally constructed, gendered identities; she is interested in the performative and participatory qualities…

MER 12 – Migrant Mothers by Eti Wade

Eti Wade on the cover image from her series, MIGRANT MOTHERS  –  ‘Migrant Mothers’ is a series of photographs of mothers with their children. The title is a homage to Dorothea Lange’s famous photograph ‘Migrant Mother’ which recorded a young…

The Mom Egg Vol. 9 Selections

Selections The Mom Egg Vol. 9 2011 Get the Issue Sandra de Helen MISSPENT MOTHERHOOD i squandered my motherhood mistaking it for my youth believing that because i was sixteen or twenty or thirty i was entitled…

About Mom Egg Vol. 8 “Lessons”

A girl finds out something new about her mother’s second husband.  A teenager succumbs to the lure of adventure on a Haitian night.  A non-observant grandmother attempts to explain a religious holiday to a child.  A grown man fails to…

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