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Camille Aubry – A Journey to Motherhood

Camille Aubry – A Journey to Motherhood Artist’s Statement I am a French illustrator and cartoonist based in Bristol, UK. I explore the subject of motherhood in my artwork, and more particularly through my comic book A Journey to Motherhood.…

Joetta Maue – Art

Joetta Maue Artist Statement As an artist I have utilized my daily life as muse; my work inevitably reflects this, therefore, as I became a mother my work explored and continues to explore this complex relationship and landscape. Through motherhood…

The Virginia Project

TINA BARRY – THE VIRGINIA PROJECT The following images and poems are part of a collaborative written word and visual art exhibition entitled The Virginia Project, which will be presented at The Wired Gallery in High Falls, New York,…

Manny Vega – Art

Manny Vega As someone who has lived in Spanish Harlem for over a dozen years, my curiosity about the legendary Manny Vega, whose “Byzantine Hip-Hop” style lights up the neighborhood in murals all over El Barrio, has increased by…

Sarah Lightman – Art

Paintings Making Art, Not Babies. (2017) oil on canvas Painting Outgrowth (2017) oil on canvas Tiger Mum (2017) charcoal on paper Buoyancy Aid (2017) oil on canvas Video Eggs (And God Remember Sarah, Genesis 21:1) (2013) video animation. Sarah…

Sarah Dixon – Mother Bunting Project

Mother Bunting – Sarah Dixon and Contributing Artists Bunting, that repeating triangle flag of cheeriness that decorates birthday parties and festivities, is now in the hands of feminist artists. Sarah Dixon, an artist based in Stroud, England, offers her…

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