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Grief and Loss
Breena Clarke – Fifteen

Breena Clarke Fifteen for Najeeb Walid Harb (1974 – 1989) He stands behind a screened door, mesh inside a wooden frame, the old kind from the earliest part of my childhood. This iconic door is meant to let…

Grief and Loss
Amber Flame

Amber Flame I was unprepared for my mother’s sudden death to bear gifts. Learning about grief and loss is a lonesome journey, filled with heartbreaking revelations and insights that I am always unprepared for. “They never talk about ____________”…

Grief and Loss
Lynne Connor – Language of Grief

Lynne Connor Language of Grief I come from unreliable narrators. I come from my birthmother’s womb. I was next to her heart for nine months. And then I wasn’t. Who she was—Unkown. I was born in Korea—South or North—most…

Grief and Loss
Regina Jamison – Poems

Regina Jamison “I love this picture of my mom and myself. Here she looks small and vulnerable, but I remember her as a powerhouse, a great force within our household.” Regina Jamison’s poetry…

Grief and Loss
Sonia Jaffe Robbins – Audiences

Sonia Jaffe Robbins Audiences My mother died the same week as J.D. Salinger and Howard Zinn. She was an original red diaper baby, born right after the Russian Revolution; her father was an early member of the American…

Grief and Loss
Cheryl Boyce-Taylor – Poems

CHERYL BOYCE-TAYLOR STILL THE SWEETEST WORDS I EVER HEARD: Mom, I found my girl, she reminds me of you. Her name is Deisha. Mom I’m getting married walk me down the aisle. Mom I’m coming home for your birthday…

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