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About The Anxious Child’s Alphabet

The Anxious Child’s Alphabet Kendra Keefer-McGee “The Anxious Child’s Alphabet” consists of twenty-six mixed media works on cradled wood panels. Together the Alphabet explores the existential anxieties of a child who experiences the world differently. “The Anxious Child’s Alphabet”…

The Virginia Project

TINA BARRY – THE VIRGINIA PROJECT The following images and poems are part of a collaborative written word and visual art exhibition entitled The Virginia Project, which will be presented at The Wired Gallery in High Falls, New York,…

Lori Van Houten – White Flannel

White Flannel Marc’s head blurs above mine. I pull my hips up, wrap my legs tight. Now he whimpers in his sleep. Marc, I say, shaking him. Marc. His eyes are in some bleak country when he slams…

Amy Talluto – High Falls

High Falls The real estate agent wore a fedora, smashed almost flat, a cartoon hat too small for his head. He advertised the quality of his coat with a label sewn near the cuff of one sleeve: 100 percent wool.…

Giselle Potter – Circus

Circus After the measles stopped scratching   my teacher Mrs. Schwartz takes me to the Barnum and Bailey’s Circus   She takes Me   none of the other girls This is my first circus   I am so tired because I couldn’t…

Trish Gianakis – Birth

Birth Bed of blood and bone. Him her  you  us. The great usurper who knit himself from me. Tina Barry Trish Classe Gianakis received her B.F.A. degree from Arizona State University, and her M.F.A. in computer art installation from the School of…

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