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Visions of Home

Visions of Home: A Poetry Folio This spring, in print and online, Mom Egg Review and MER VOX consider the many facets of HOME. The poets in this folio explore, among other issues, the mother’s body as home,…

Sacred Spaces

Curated by Jennifer Martelli and Cindy Veach In her poem, “We manage limited resources against unlimited needs,” Angelique Zobitz writes, So we cleave to one another tight as wet clothes plastered to damp bodies. The poems in this…

Soy Mujer
Soy Mujer – Latinx Poets of the Diaspora

Soy Mujer – Latinx Poets of the Diaspora A poetry folio curated by Elizabeth Lara My earliest experience as a language learner dates back to elementary school, when my older sister’s best friend, for fun, started teaching me a…

It's Complicated
It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated… A folio curated by Marjorie Tesser As mothers, we are involved in the business of nurture. Sometimes this goes smoothly; motherhood can be a source of love and joy. But at other times, mothering can be complicated. Signals…

Body Image
Body Image – A MER VOX Folio

For women body image can be fraught with conflict and cognitive dissonance. We are inundated with body images from the advertising and media world that are not representative of the full spectrum of womanhood … that don’t reflect the changes…


#MeToo a Vox folio Curated by Jennifer Martelli and Cindy Veach Featured Poets Jennifer Franklin Jessica Goodfellow Idrissa Simmonds Lesléa Newman Rebecca Hart Olander Zeina Hashem Beck Eileen Cleary Everyday, we are witnessing women speaking out, giving their…

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