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Mom Egg Review publishes reviews of recent books (including chapbooks) of poetry, fiction and creative prose, by mother writers, and of books focused on motherhood or women’s experiences and issues.  If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please visit Book Review Request for more info. 

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Book Reviews
Blood Memory by Gail Newman

Review by Sandra Anfang Gail Newman’s new poetry collection, Blood Memory, is an emotionally challenging and essential reading experience. It chronicles the ongoing effects of the Holocaust on the author and her family across generations. By turns arresting, chilling,…

Book Reviews
Birthmarks by Whitney Rio-Ross

Review by Michelle Wilbert In this debut chapbook of poems by Whitney Rio-Ross—a writer and English teacher living in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee—one is immediately struck by the juxtaposition of sturdy, straightforward language wrapped around familiar stories of…

Book Reviews
What is in the Blood by Ellen Stone

Review by Christina Veladota Ellen Stone’s poetry is beautiful and is distressing in its beauty. Winner of the 2013 Michigan Writers Cooperative Press Chapbook Contest for The Solid Living World, Stone has a prolific publishing history in literary journals…

Book Reviews
What Shines From It by Sara Rauch

Review by Carla Panciera Sara Rauch’s first collection of stories, Electric Book Award Winner, What Shines From It, begins with an epigraph from an Anne Carson poem, a line of which states that “a wound gives off its own…

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