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Mom Egg Review publishes reviews of recent books (including chapbooks) of poetry, fiction and creative prose, by mother writers, and of books focused on motherhood or women’s experiences and issues.  If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please visit Book Review Request for more info. 

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Book Reviews
Growing a New Tail by Lisa C. Taylor

Review by Kerry Neville  – Lisa C. Taylor’s Growing A New Tail contends with moments of rupture, when the past is upended and the future reinvented.  These eighteen stories are short, lyrical meditations.  Backstories are important but offered with realistic…

Book Reviews
Dear Continuum by Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

Review by Margaret Fieland  – This is a book comprised largely of letters addressed “Dear Continuum”, directed to emerging poets who will carry on the work of poetry and social activism. It contains six sections: an introduction, the nineteen letters,…

Book Reviews
Original Face by Jim Peterson

Review by Bunny Goodjohn …From her mother dimension /high among the fluorescent lights, she // coached me through the solar system of house, / over thresholds into the galaxy of backyard, / through the gate into the universe of town…

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