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Mom Egg Review publishes reviews of recent books (including chapbooks) of poetry, fiction and creative prose, by mother writers, and of books focused on motherhood or women’s experiences and issues.  If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please visit Book Review Request for more info. 

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Book Reviews
Madonna, Complex by Jen Stewart Fueston

Review by Sherre Vernon   Jen Stewart Fueston is the author of two chapbooks, Latch (2019) and Visitations (2015), and of the full-length collection considered here: Madonna, Complex (2020). Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the…

Book Reviews
Where the Eye Wants Coast by Linda Opyr  

Review by Mindy Kronenberg In Where The Eye Wants Coast, her eighth collection of poetry, Linda Opyr presents poems that are quietly but powerfully wrought, a collection of transformative moments summoned by life’s seasonal gifts and losses. Published as…

Book Reviews
A Place Remote by Gwen Goodkin

Review by Lisa C. Taylor A Place Remote by Gwen Goodkin is a debut short story collection populated by unique characters that embody small town America. Life’s tragedies are on display in these stories, as random acts determine the…

Book Reviews
Birth of a Daughter: Poems by Samantha Kolber

Review by Janet McCann As a crone poet whose childbearing years are decades past and mostly forgotten, I found this collection brought everything back graphically.  The physical and metaphysical elements of childbirth became real again—hyper-real.  The poems evoke strong…

Book Reviews
Feeding Hour by Jessica Gigot

Reviewed by Suzanne Edison Jessica Gigot is a farmer, poet, teacher, and musician. She is the author of Flood Patterns, (Antrim House Books, 2015), and her writing appears in such publications as Orion, Taproot and Poetry Northwest. She teaches…

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