Authors’ Notes

Authors' Notes
Kelly Ann Jacobson on Cairo in White

Author’s Note: Kelly Ann Jacobson on Cairo in White What I Know about Birth – In creative writing classes, we are often told, “write what you know.” I amend that in my own writing to “write something inspired by what you…

Authors' Notes
Margie Shaheed on Mosaic

Author’s Note: Margie Shaheed on Mosaic – “These are the poems of a storyteller clearly connected to her African ancestry, oral tradition, and the history of Black people in America.” Dr. Mary E. Weems, Ohioana Quarterly, Summer/Fall 2013 Mosaic is…

Authors' Notes
Nicelle Davis on Becoming Judas

Author’s Note:  Nicelle Davis on Becoming Judas  – It could be said that Becoming Judas is a book about teeth. Many of the poems incorporate mouth images, and these images are constantly devouring each other.…