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Visions of Home

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Visions of Home: A Poetry Folio



This spring, in print and online, Mom Egg Review and MER VOX consider the many facets of HOME. The poets in this folio explore, among other issues, the mother’s body as home, lost and adopted homes, the pleasures and frustrations of home, being at home at work and in the world.

We invite you in to the homes conjured by our featured poets.  — Marjorie Tesser

Featuring poems by:

Melissa Andres
Elana Bell
Ann Farley
Melissa Joplin Higley
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke
Veronica Kornberg
Libby Maxey
Jendi Reiter
Margaret Rozga
Brad Shurmantine
Pramila Venkateswaran
Nicola Waldron
Jane Yolen



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