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Jules Jacob – Poetry

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Jules Jacob


Broken Sonnet for Relapsing

Daughters this song was yours
clean      without loss or metaphors
yet comfort’s counterpart is pain
is what I can’t spare us, is what quits
speaking and walking, sinking
to the carpet keening night of its stars.
To pain is the trembling cat running to not away,
sacrificing mirror neurons to dispel my dis-ease
when you try to leave this startled earth.
The dark waits still cells      search black
holes before they were known.
If found      we return rearranged.
Don’t say nebulae can’t reappear.
Please. No more lectures on boundaries.
Some mothers are as happy as their troubled child.
This is their love song.

Julie “Jules” Jacob is a contemporary poet who often writes about dichotomous relationships and conditions. She’s the author of The Glass Sponge and her poems have appeared in The Tishman Review, Plume, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Rust + Moth, The Fourth River and elsewhere. Visit


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