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Mom Egg Review 17

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Welcome to Mom Egg Review’s seventeenth annual issue. We are proud to publish fine literary work centering on diverse experiences of mothers, mothering, and motherhood.

This has been a complicated year in a series of complicated years. Countries and factions seem increasingly at odds. Hate has flaunted its ugly face around the globe, having appeared to have been countenanced. Our physical environment teeters and we disagree about the dire nature of this and what to do about it. Injustice and inequality reveal their tenacity daily. And through it all, mothers work, nurture families, children, partners, elders, and friends, and do what they can to ameliorate, counter, or re-direct the world’s trajectory in ways personal and political.

In a climate where polarities are becoming the default, the literary works in this collection admit of nuance, of multiplicities of stories and viewpoints. They pinpoint hypocrisy so it can be examined and unmasked. They recognize that both challenges and beauties exist. These thoughtful, angry, hopeful voices can give respite and can spur resolve.

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Marjorie Tesser

Poetry Editors
Jennifer Martelli
Cindy Veach

Readers for Vol. 17
Jessie Bacho, Patrice Boyer Claeys, Becky Ellis, Elizabeth Lara, Carole Mertz,
Theta Pavis, Ana C.H. Silva, Judy Swann, Nancy Vona

Copy Editor
Patrice Boyer Claeys


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