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MER Book Review Guidelines


Mom Egg Review Book Review Guidelines

We review books and chapbooks of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry that are by mother writers, by past contributors,  and that focus on women’s lives or issues, including motherhood. Our primary interest is on books that have been released within the past year. Book reviews are published on our website,

For Presses and Authors:

If you would like us to consider your book (that fits our focus, above) for review, please email Book Review Editors at with publication information, a PDF copy of the book, a .jpg file of the book cover and, if desired, author photo, and any press materials. You will be notified if we are able to review the book and can assign a reviewer; if so, you will be asked to send a hard copy to the reviewer.

For Book Reviewers:

If you’d like to review a book that is on our “Books for Review” list and you haven’t reviewed a book for us before, please send your top three choices of books to review and a resume and writing sample (or link to a writing sample). If we have a book for you, you will be sent the book. Deadline is three weeks from receipt. If you need a longer time frame please email

If you have a book you’d like to review that’s not on our list, please send a query first to; let us know a bit about the author, the subject matter of the book, and why you think it would be of interest to our readers. It is okay to review the books of colleagues or friends but please disclose the relationship in the review or your cover letter.

Our book reviews are 750 words or shorter

Please include the following:
Brief information about the author (prior books, prizes), the genre of the book
 the book’s general subject matter and its thesis or organizing principle.

Provide a balanced and fair critique of the work, supported by quoted material from the book. What was the author trying to accomplish? How did theymeet that goal? Consider aspects of style and craft as well as content. Please be sensitive about preserving plot twists for the reader (avoid “spoilers”).

Note: Quote material from the book like this- ”Quoted material” (23). We go by MLA style as to where to put the periods and the quotes; a discussion of how to cite is here:

Please note that accepted reviews might be edited to comply with our guidelines and format.

MER asks for first-time print rights and electronic rights for all accepted submissions. The rights revert back to the writer after publication in MER. If the article is subsequently reprinted in another publication, we askthat MER be acknowledged as the place of prior publication.

Heading (Left Justified)
Title by Author
Publisher, Year, $price [paper or cloth], ISBN 978## [no dashes]

Review by Your Name

Word count should be 750 words or fewer. (3 pages double-spaced in Arial 12 point type).

Quotations of longer than three lines of poetry or four lines of prose should be in block form, indented one inch. Cite page in parentheses.

** Even if you have reviewed for us before, please submit your own 3-line bio with your review.

Please submit as a word document (.doc or .docx) to

Questions? Email Book Review Editor, at

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