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Book Reviews

The Human Contract by Sarah Dickenson Snyder

Review by Janet McCann Sarah Dickenson Snyder is a mother and English teacher as well as a poet who has published in a wide variety of journals and won several awards. Her chapbook Notes from a Nomad is forthcoming…

Book Reviews

run scream unbury save by Katherine McCord

 Review by Anne Britting Oleson   Donald Rumsfeld famously said that we don’t know what we don’t know. In her literary memoir run scream unbury save, Katherine McCord makes this very clear, and this engenders a certain anxiety in her…

Book Reviews

World Enough and Time by Mary Makofske

Review by Mindy Kronenberg In World Enough and Time, Mary Makofske finds inspiration in the persistent observation of human engagement. Whether in an overheard conversation or the witnessed pantomime of curious children, we learn to fill life’s cautionary path…