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Diamonds Heat the House by Megan Buchanan

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Megan Buchanan

Diamonds Heat the House


What you have
is exactly what
I’m always looking for, he said.
How soon can you
come by? Monday’s good,
I said.

And there go the Victorian diamonds
worn twice in ten years.
The magnifying glass
says Russian. Undergrad
graduation gift (thank you,
Mom) – sold
for a Smith College deposit,
a little propane
in a hollow tank.
Long winter, little work.
Worth it.

And there go the wedding rings –
sweet crescent moon
with tiny diamond stars
sparkling on
both sides, whether
coming or going.
And the other
an enameled
bluegreen river,
miniature metaphor,
curved channel
carved through white gold.
I saved the two carat
sapphire for our son.
Cornflower blue, dreamy to me
but not blue enough
to be worth much, the man said.

Tonight I’m in the river,
basalt-hearted and quiet.
I’m holding my breath
and from under
the churned surface
I see two children
standing on the shore.

Megan BuchananMegan Buchanan’s poems have appeared in The Sun Magazine, make/shift, A Woman’s Thing, and multiple anthologies. Her first collection, Clothesline Religion, is forthcoming from Green Writers Press in March 2017. She’s a teaching artist and dancemaker, with two children born fourteen years apart (same due date).


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